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  09 Nov 2023

4 Simple Ways to Remove Duplicates From a JavaScript Array

In this tutorial, I will show you how to remove duplications in a JS array with Set, Filter, Prototype and Lodash...

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  28 Oct 2023

How to Fix the Host Key Verification Failed Git Clone Error

When you connect to a remote server for the first time (using SSH), its host key is stored inside a file called known_hosts inside the .ssh folder....

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  28 Oct 2023

2 Simple Solutions to fix the warning about ECDSA host key

These are 2 fixes that can be implemented to resolve this issue about Warning: Permanently added the ECDSA host key...

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  26 Oct 2023

How to Easily Solve the Redis NOAUTH Authentication Required

Redis NOAUTH authentication required is an error that occurs when attempting to authenticate with the Redis server or when trying to run a command without being authenticate...

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  10 Oct 2023

How to Declare Classes in Java

In this article, we'll explore the fundamental concept of declaring classes in Java...

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  09 Oct 2023

How to Declare Variable with Java

In this guide, we will cover the different types of variables in Java and how to declare them, including local variables, instance variables, and static variables....

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