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  06 May 2024

7 Deadly Mistakes You Make on Your SQL Queries and How to Fix them

In this article, you will learn how to avoid 7 common pitfalls and how to optimize your SQL queries for better performance....

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  16 Apr 2024

How to Add HTTP Headers Location in YAML file on Open API 3

In this brief guide, we'll explore how to add a Location header in the OpenAPI YAML file to enhance your API documentation....

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  16 Apr 2024

Why You Should Simply use Java for Loop Instead of Stream.forEach Method

In this article, I would like to discuss the differences between using the streaming API and for loops from the standpoint of long-term maintainability of the code....

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  03 Apr 2024

How To Run A Node.js App In Docker Including Environment Variables

This guide explores how to run a Node.js application in a Docker container while efficiently managing environment variables using a dedicated file....

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  01 Apr 2024

How to Use Spring Data JPA Specifications with SQL

In this article, I will show step by step how you can configure, implement and use JPA Specifications in your Spring Boot project....

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  26 Mar 2024

How to Convert Java POJO to JSON Using Jackson Library

JSON or JavaScript Object Notation has become a fundamental component in modern programming, In this guide, we'll explore how to leverage the Jackson library to convert Java objects to JSON effortlessly....

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